#113 大哥伦布华人募捐活动

大哥伦布华人募捐活动上了当地新闻!https://youtu.be/sTITmd5OYx0 ABC6 interviewing columbus chinese community leaders on their effort donating masks to columbus doctors and nurses to help fight COVID-19


第二代ABC,希望能参与哥伦布华人社区“抗病毒,爱医护,献爱心”捐款活动。几块钱都行,重在参与!捐赠给社区,为社区服务,将会改善华人形象,提升华人地位。我们在用行动告诉美国社会,我们是社区的积极参与者与志愿者。华人历史上为美国社会作出了重要贡献(如修铁路)今天在各领域都有华人在发挥作用。我们生活在这里,对社区有义务,对社会有责仼。募捐是我们对社区的感恩,是对建设多元文化社会的贡献。也是对社会正能量表态,是对某些种族主义者的正面反击!希望各位捐款的将英文名字也写上,然后利用社交自媒体,发出去,让你们亲友,同学,同事,邻居,都知道华人在行动!如果ABC加入此活动,两代华人一同抗疫,为社区做贡献,那就太好了!https://www.gofundme.com/together-we-fight-covid19 谢谢🙏🙏🙏 怎么动员ABC参加抗疫义捐?1)我们以身作则。动员孩子参与。即使他们在外地,哥伦布是他们的家乡;2)通过儿女去做,让他们用自己的话去说给同伴。效果比我们翻成英文要好得多。也是让他们学中文的机会。已捐的父母可以动员他们跟成年儿女说一说,加强两代人的沟通。让儿女为父辈感到骄傲与自豪,也为他们作为中国人而感到自豪!🙏🙏🙏 [Shake][Shake][Shake]危机也就是机会。我们第二代都象杨安泽一样,在中小学都遭受过不同程度的霸凌。有些走了出来,积极抗争,有些变成了边缘人,怎么让第二代积极参与华人举办的募捐活动,表示作为中国人的自豪、自信?(兰色海洋李敏儒)

ABC6 interview chinese community leaders on their contributions to fight COVID-19


4/13/20 Updates: Eight Chinese organizations have rallied together to expand their support of medical staff in central Ohio. Columbus Chinese Community (CCC), The Columbus Chinese Physicians Association(CCPA), Columbus Chinese Christian Church (CCCC), and Wuhan University Ohio Alumni Association (WUOAA) have collected donations of nearly $158,000, and have donated a total of 81,000 surgical masks, 6,800 N95 masks, 23,000 gloves, 300 gowns and 480 handmade cloth masks to over 2 dozens of hospitals and medical facilities.

Message from CCC (Columbus Chinese Community) to people that donated to our GoFundMe: Your generous donations are put in great use! Another 2,000 surgical masks were delivered to Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare on 4/11/20. The healthcare workers were in tears receiving the much needed masks – they ran out of PPE!

You donation is also used to buy material for cloth masks last week!Dozens of our avid volunteers have been busy making cloth masks! Sunny made and gave out 150 cloth masks the last 2 weeks. We are delivering 120 cloth masks to Twin Valley, 110 to Brooksale Muirfield Senior Place and 100 to Dublin Police Station tomorrow 4/14/20!

Thank you for your continued support and thank you our avid volunteers for the numerous hours they put in making cloth masks the last few days! You all rock!

Continue your support by visiting CCC fundraiser on GoFundMe at

The last few days, CCPA delivered 1,250 masks to Twin Valley; 200 gowns to OSU medical Center; CCCC delivered 700 masks, 299 KN95, 100 gowns to Franklin CountyEMHS and Ohio Health;
MBSCG donated 1,500 masks to Ohio Health; details in the table above