#18 北美华人抗疫系列连线


其中两位是新冠肺炎重症或危重症患者, 另一位是美国当地医生。详情请看以上预告。

@曾昭邦-北卡华人联合会 @王晴 南、北卡华人工商总会 我把苏兄传的会议记录方块化 便于转。

@王晴 南、北卡华人工商总会 @曾昭邦-北卡华人联合会 [ThumbsUp][ThumbsUp][ThumbsUp] 感谢组织分享,开创性的工作!🙏🙏



Carolinas Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Carolinas Chinese American Civic Center organized PPE donation and fund raising with total of 19
organizations as the co-organizers. They raised nearly $50000 fund in 4 days. They have donated to 50 hospitals and medical groups across five regions, fourteen cities and towns in North and South Carolina’s with acquired medical supplies, including
3000 N95, 4000 surgical masks, over 10,000 medical mask, 400 isolation gowns,
480 anti-fog goggles and 750 face shields, 2000 gloves. There are more underway.