#29 西北阿肯州华人协会,华生中文校和恩典华人教会联合抗疫

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4/2/2010 工作总结。

  1. 今天,COVID-19响应小组到Northwest Medical Center – Springdale分发了1000只医用外科口罩。KNWA电台到现场采访。
  2. 用捐款购自美国的第二批5,000医用外科口罩已于下午到货。至此,我们订购的两批口罩全部到齐。
  3. 继续和本地医院、诊所联系、沟通,为下一步的口罩分发工作做准备。
  4. 缝纫组的姐妹们继续紧张工作。布口罩义卖正在进行中。义卖网页已经搭建起来。
  5. 让我们继续努力,保护我们的社区。捐款请点击 https://www.canwa.org/donate。

The NWA Chinese community COVID-19 Response Team continues working tirelessly to help local hospitals, law enforcement, and first responders to get ready before the coronavirus apex hit.

  1. The first order of the 13,000 surgical face masks starts arriving in separate shipments. The second order of 5,000 surgical face masks is expected to be delivered on April 2.
  2. On April 1, we made donation of face masks to Fayetteville Police Department and Vantage Point Behavioral Health Hospital.
  3. On April 2, we made donation of face masks to Northwest Medical Center of Springdale. This event was aired on Fox 24 at 5:30pm and KNWA at 6:00pm this evening.
  4. The sisters of our Face Mask Sewing Team have been working around the clock at home to cut and sew the home-made fabric face masks. Till this day they have made 289 fabric face masks and many more are being worked on.
  5. So far 43 pieces of fabric face masks have been donated to people in need. 65 pieces of fabric face masks have been sold in the fundraising events. The raised fund is used to purchased PPE for donation.

The COVID-19 Response Team will continue to carry out our current efforts together with our local communities to get through this pandemic crises. People on the frontline, such as health workers, law enforcement, and first responders, are still desperate for Masks and respirators. Please help our community by donating at http://www.canwa.org/donate thank you!


4/9 updates

4/8/2020 工作总结。今天,COVID-19响应小组一口气拜访了五家医院和诊所,给他们送去口罩。这五家医院和诊所是:

1. Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas。
2. Children’s Hospital。
3. Dr. Silver’s Office。
4. Washington Regional Her Health Clinic – Fayetteville。
5. Parkhill The Clinic For Women


1. City of Fayetteville Police Department。
2. Vantage Point Behavioral Health Hospital。
3. Northwest Medical Center – Springdale。
4. Washington Regional Medical Center Hospice。
5. Hedberg Allergy & Asthma Center。
6. Northwest Arkansas Pathology Associates。
7. Northwest Medical Plaza Urgent Care。
8. Washington Regional Medical Center。
9. Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas。
10. Bethel Heights Police Department。
11. Children’s Hospital。
12. Dr. Silver’s Office。
13. Washington Regional Her Health Clinic – Fayetteville。
14. Parkhill The Clinic For Women。



让我们继续努力,保护我们的社区。捐款请点击 https://www.canwa.org/donate。