#35 Zenni.com Donates PPE to healthcare workers

We at Zenni.com understand many hospitals have limited to no quantities of masks and other necessary protective equipment and wish to help however we can. We are working rapidly to secure masks and protective equipment by whatever means possible. Please review and complete this form, and we will be in touch very shortly. We deeply appreciate and support the efforts of everyone within the health care community. https://forms.gle/tQd6aLThcVDZFJQw7

请需要防护用品的医院和医务人员填以下表格。我们Zenni.com 已迅速找到了一些防护用品。希望我们能对医务人员有所帮助!衷心感谢你们的付出!向你们表示深深的敬意[Heart]https://forms.gle/tQd6aLThcVDZFJQw7



@馬永生 闫洁这次又收到两百个外科口罩 20个N95 20个防护镜 10套防护服 三个脸罩 他们诊所把这次收到的东西都拿到测试点去了,医护都很感谢 闫洁只知道是一个Chinese American organization , 具体是什么也不知道. 如果需要捐款什么的告诉她们,她们有医护想捐款给这个组织。

@Jian Li 我先把这些暖心的话转给他[呲牙][呲牙][呲牙]