#45 Milwaukee WCCC donates

Posted by Jianguo Sun on Mar 23:



April 8th updates

威州华人商会对密尔沃基华人集中地区的Freodtert,Brookfield police, elm Grove police, New Berlin Police and Menomonee Falls police donations 在李云峰,费铭薇两位的组织和数位商会捐款人的帮助下准备就绪。the donated masks will be delivered to them in the next few days as the first group of donations by WCCC members. Hope we get continued donations to help those who risk their lives for us in the next few week!

谢谢@郑建斌 Chinus Reallink Industry @原文彬-Dakota Intertek 承包商 两位会长和各位的大力支持[Salute][Salute][Salute]

(Weibin Yuan)