#51 Donation from a small organization in New York

This morning I sent the remaining 2000 masks to Flushing Hospital. The emergency doctor came out to pick me up. I took a picture far away, thanking her for taking care of my safety, but they faced The risk is greater! In the past two days, they are preparing to bring all the patients to be treated. They are not doctors and nurses. Doctors and nurses have another source from New York City, but if you want to save on use, I will be relieved. The pressure of the person who gives the mask is not small … (Google Translate)

今天早晨我把纽约同乡会剩下的2000个口罩送到了法拉盛医院,急诊医生出来接,让我远一点,我就远远的拍了张照片,感谢她这么关照我的安危,可是他们面临的是更大的风险啊!这两天他们准备给所有应诊病人带,不是医生护士,医生护士另有纽约市的来源,但要节省使用, 我也就放心了,赠送口罩的人责任压力可不小啊…