#95 Bayhelix-CAHON for US PPE Initiative

Re-posting FYI.

@all, Dear fellow CAHON and Bayhelix Dual member, Each one of us is privileged to be part of 2 great organizations, CAHON and Bayhelix. As you know, as part of the “Bayhelix for US” Phase II efforts, our CAHON (www.cahon.org) is joining hands with Bayhelix to have launched the COVID-19 Webinar Series and the joint “Bayhelix-CAHON for US” PPE initiative to help and support those healthcare providers in the frontline patient care fighting COVID-19 here in US, including CAHON member physicians and their clinics/hospitals. We seek your help and support to this joint endeavours to help us in US, including our fellow CAHON member physicians in the frontline of patient care fighting COVID-19. Together and united, we will stay strong and tall! Thanks for your participation and support!