#99 Chinese Americans Donated 600K+ to CDC

Posted by Joy Guo on Mar 31, 2020: Zhendong Wang helped us to get donation data from CDC’s crowdsourcing site, Chinese Americans contributed over 600K in that site including the matching fund.That is significant. I already alerted CDC foundation, their senior advisor thanked us at twitter.  I did not plan to contact the media. If you guys are going to do this, I can provide more updated data.

Posted by Joy Guo on Mar 22, 2020

2周内,参与给CDC Foundation 捐款的华人在至少1200人以上。考虑到这个月美国受疫情冲击经济震荡,股市大跌30%以上,回到了2017年年初的水平。很多华人家庭也在萧条大潮下财富跟着一起大幅度缩水。即使在这样的沮丧情况中,华人还捐出这样的惊人数字,这更加完整体现出华人爱社区的正面形象。

Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/FXIArUHeqtkJljH7H7jJrQ

Title: 被华人捐款吓一大跳

Updated 4/12, Chinese Americans, account for 19% of the individual donors. The amount of donation to 4/9 is over $760,000