#111 Twitter reactions to a very provoking post

https://twitter.com/Imamofpeace/status/1245429428160626689, this is terrible, “A Chinese woman proudly filmed herself buying huge amount of facemasks from multiple US supermarkets and loaded the masks onto her pickup truck. “It feels so awesome to buy all the masks! I didn’t leave a single mask for the Americans!” -via journalist 👆这个推特里的华人形象对我们的影响特别坏,她不能代表华人社区,我们不能仅仅愤怒,让我们都去回复那个推特,弘扬我们的正面形象。I did my share💪 才发现点赞最高的回复才会置顶被看见。现在靠前的回复都是批评华裔的负面回复,请大家帮忙点赞这两条正面回复,宣扬华裔抗疫的正面形象,把他们冲到首个回复的位置。(是点赞回复,不是原推哦)

#28 UCA-SF 我跳你捐 You Donate I Jump

Help join the fight against Coronavirus and let your child release some pent up energy! Started by children 4 to 8 in California, they will jump 100 times for each mask donated to healthcare workers! 我们SF UCA 在此呼吁大家分享爱的捐款、爱的行动。 我们计划购买一萬个医用口罩。 我们同时欢迎孩子们参与公益,他们可以做为啦啦队为家长们加油呐喊: 我们建议这些“在家上课” 的孩子每天坚持步行或跳动100下, 然后把他们的活动照片或记录分享给我们,给社区送去鼓励。 希望我们共同努力,聚沙成塔,分享我们的爱与支持,共闯疫情困境! Donation methods:PayPal:info@u-c-a.org Or info@ucausa.org, Credit card/Debit cardhttps://ucausa.org/our-supporters/donate-to-uca/;Checks: mail to:United Chinese Americans(UCA)1050 […]