#96 Morgantown’s Chinese community donates $10K

As health care providers nationwide struggle to secure ample personal protective equipment to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, Morgantown’s Chinese community donated $10,000 to help supply masks, face shields, gloves and more for WVU Medicine personnel on the front lines.

More than 130 people contributed, including several West Virginia University faculty members. The fundraising effort was coordinated by the West Virginia Chinese Association, a Morgantown-based nonprofit group that aims to connect and provide support for Chinese professionals and their families in West Virginia, and the affiliated Chinese Association for Science and Technology West Virginia.


UCA -WV donated $10000 to WVU Hospitals to fight CoVId 19 and another $2500 to Mon General Hospital.

在百年一遇的灾难面前,为西弗华人的行动点赞,向所有参与者致敬 ! (梁瑞凤)