#15 COVID-19 Relief Bay Area Fund

1、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐給Fremont ,Hopkins初中及Mission San Jose High。 2、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐給Santa Clara Kaiser 。 3、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐給Oakland Kaiser (AlphaProteck / part no 695) 。 4、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐給Walnut Creek Kaiser 5、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐給中半島醫院及診所 6、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐給Valley Medical Center 7、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐給California Pacific Medical Center 8、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐KN95 口罩給Stanford valley care Pleasanton。 9、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐KN95 口罩給Kaiser at Walnut Creek. 10、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐KN95 口罩給UCSF. 11、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐KN95 口罩給Kaiser SIG 12、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐KN95 口罩及3M N95 1860口罩給 Alta Bates Summit Medical Center 13、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐KN95 口罩給 Cupertino City Hall and donate to local hospital . 14、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐KN95 口罩,surgical mask,Gloves,wipes,Coverall and 3M N95 1860給 Chinese Hospital at SF. 15、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Washington hospital 口罩。 16、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Rehabilitation center at El Camino hospital at Los gatos口罩。 17、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Dignity Health at Redwood City 口罩。 18、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐NW Memorial hospital Chicago, IL 防护服。 19、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Kaiser at Santa Clara 口罩。 20、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐PAMG at Mountain View 口罩。 21、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐PAMF at Santa Clara 口罩。 22、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐hazel Hawkins memorial hospital D/P skill nursing Facaility口罩。 23、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐UCSF口罩。 24、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Kaiser at Walnut creek口罩。 25、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Kaiser buy to pay command center 口罩。 26、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Eden Hospital in Hayward 口罩。 27、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Washington hospital口罩。 28、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Eden Hospital in Hayward 口罩。 29、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Stanford health center 口罩。Stanford Health Center 30、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐SF General Hospital ICU 口罩。San Francisco General Hospital Intensive Care Unit 31、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Santa Clara Cancer Treatment Center 口罩。Santa Clara Cancer Treatment Center 32、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Washington hospital at Fremont 口罩。Washington Hospital, Fremont, CA 33、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐SF General Hospital ICU 口罩。San Francisco General Hospital Intensive Care Unit 34、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐S.W.memorial human hospital , Houston 口罩。Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital, Houston, TX 35、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐BMC( Boston medical center) 口罩。Boston Medical Center 36、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Good Samaritan hospital 口罩。Good Samaritan Hospital 37、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Kaiser SanJose 口罩。Kaiser Permanente San Jose Medical Center 38、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐El Camino Hospital Mountain View 口罩。El Camino Hospital Mountain View 39、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐tri-city health center 口罩。Tri-City Health Center 40、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Lake Merritt Apartment 口罩。Lake Merritt Apartment, Oakland, CA 41、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐deer Park Retirement Community 口罩。Deer Park Retirement Community 42、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Marin general hospital 口罩。Marin General Hospital 43、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Saratoga fellowship plaza 口罩。Saratoga Fellowship Plaza 44、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Fremont Cottonwood Senior community 口罩。Fremont Cottonwood Senior Community 45、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Kaiser Homehealth/ hospice department (Lilly)口罩。Kaiser Home Health/ Hospice Department 46、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐St. Luke Hospital, San Francisco,(Cheyenne)口罩。St. Luke Hospital, San Francisco, CA 47、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐VA St. Louis healthcare system(Yafei)口罩。Veterans Affairs St. Louis Healthcare System 48、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐kaiser San Leandro 口罩(Holly)。Kaiser Permanente San Leandro Medical Center, San Leandro, CA 49、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Kaiser 口罩。Kaiser Permanente Northern California, Oakland, CA 50、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐kaiser modesto 口罩。Kaiser Permanente Modesto Medical Center, Modesto, CA 51、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Golden Heritage Senior 。Living in San Jose 口罩。Golden Heritage Senior Living, San Jose, CA 52、COVID-19 Relief Bay Area捐Kaiser Oakland 口罩。Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center, Oakland, CA 53、Eden hospital in Hayward (N90二箱;R95一箱) 54、Washing Hospital 1 at Fremont(N90一箱) 55、Washing Hospital 2 at Fremont(N90一箱) 56、Kaiser at San Leandro (N90二箱) 57、Stanford Blood Center Administrative Offices and Laboratory Claimed (N90兩箱) 58、Kaiser Antioch,ICU,(N90一箱口罩,R95 20 PC 59、Kaiser Walnut Creek,ICU. 急诊(N90一箱口罩, R95 20PCS) 60、Kaiser San Francisco (N90四箱) 61、Santa Clara Kaiser hospital Pediatrics Dept(N90一箱) 62、Stanford Valleycare Hospital at Pleasanton(N90一箱 63、Palo Alto Medical Foudation (N90一箱) 64、 6MED Valley Medical Center(N90一箱) 65、San mateo Health Center at San Mateo (N90 100 PCS, R95 60 pcs) 66、Cambrian Center的老年公寓 (200pcs face mask, another 200 PCS) 67、Kaiser San Jose ( N90 6箱;R95 2箱) 68、San Jose Regional Medical Center (N90一箱) 69、Kaiser Hospital at Redwood City, San Mateo (N90 100 PCS, R95 60 pcs)

(競芬姐, 袁文)