#34 UCA COVID-19 Relief Donation Drive

UCA COVID-19 Relief Donation Drive


America and the world face a historic crisis. Doctors, nurses and those fighting on the front line need urgent help, so do many in our own community. 

UCA calls on Chinese Americans or any people to donate generously to UCA COVID-19 Relief Fund, as well as to many such relief funds set up in your own community (We will soon list all those funds we have verified on our website for your reference). This special account is set up for the exclusive purpose of COVID-19 relief efforts. We will periodically publish relevant account information for general public to know. 

This is our time and our time to shine! Like our ancestors who built the Transcontinental Railroad 150 years ago, today we once again find ourselves in a historic moment and opportunity to help and contribute to this great country in crisis.

Together, let us show that Chinese Americans care! Together, we shall defeat this pandemic!
UCA COVID-19 Taskforce

UCA, a 501c 3 organization, Federal Tx ID: 82-1111498

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Mailing Address: 1050 Connecticut Ave. NW. Suite 500. Washington. DC. 20036

Email: info@ucausa.org
Website: ucausa.org